Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I change my toner? Why can't I change the toner when it is low?

For our newer models the CS 4002i through the CS 6003i the machine will not let you change the toner until the machine says it is completely empty. It will warn you that the toner is low at first and then will notify you that it is empty. The screen panel will then walk you through how to change the toner

How do I make double-sided copies?

To produce two-sided copies place originals in document processor. Select the Copy function and choose duplex key to select 1 sided-2 sided to create a 2-sided document.

How to I send emails

To send emails you will first select send on the touch panel. Next you will select address bool and search either by letter,number, or use the search bar to browse the address book. Select the intended recipient(s) and press OK. Place your document in the document processor and press Start.

How do I clean the slit glass?

To clean the slit glass you will take an alcohol pad and clean the thinnest part of the glass on the far left. 

How do I change my waste bottle?

To change the waste toner bottle on our new models the CS 4002i through the CS 6003i, you will take the empty toner from the top of the machine and place it where the original gray waste toner bottle is at the bottom. This happens because now your toner bottle is free of all the original toner and is now just an empty bottle that can now receive the excess toner that flows through the machine.

How do I print Job Account Reports?

To print off  Job Accounting Reports you will go system menu on the touch panel, go to User Login/Job Accounting,next type in the User name and password and choose Job Accounting and then Job Accounting local and you will see print Account Report

How do I turn on fax confirmations

To turn on fax confirmation press the system menu button on the touch panel, choose report,choose result report setting,then select send result report, next choose fax and turn it on and choose partial or full image.